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AEM Fuel System Components

AEM manufactures high quality billet fuel delivery components for use with high horsepower street and racing applications. Factory fuel delivery components are often inadequate for producing maximum horsepower due to their restrictive nature. AEM adjustable fuel regulators, high volume fuel filters, and high volume fuel rails are designed to address the shortcomings of factory components. AEM adjustable fuel regulators feature AEM's patented interchangeable discharge ports that enable the regulator's output to match the output of any fuel pump. AEM fuel rails have large bores that dampen backpressure pulses created by larger injectors and work perfectly with stock injector sizes. The AEM high volume fuel filter utilize a high flow filter media that does not compromise filtering efficiency with flow. All components are also hard anodized for durability.

Adjustable Fuel
Pressure Regulators

Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulators

High Flow
Fuel Pumps

High Volume Fuel Filters

High Volume
Fuel Filters

High Volume Fuel Filters

High Volume
Fuel Rails

AEM High Volume Fuel Rails