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Mike Mao's Twin-Turbo NSX

When Mike Mao came to us in April of 2012 and wanted the most unique setup on the road, we showed him a twin-rear intercooler, twin-turbo setup that is now well-known in the tuning circles. Utilizing his rear diffuser setup, we were able to use two 400hp intercooler cores and squeeze two GT2871R turbochargers without modifying the chassis or rear subframe. Everything came together for an easy 500whp, low boost setup with much more power potential if Mike ever wanted more.

Build Highlights:

  • Twin GT2871R turbochargers
  • Custom turbo manifolds
  • Full Custom Turbo Exhaust
  • Twin TiAL MV-S Wastegates
  • Custom Intercooler Setup
  • HKS Blow-Off Valve
  • Custom Radiator Reservoir
  • Custom Front Subframe
  • AEM Boost Solenoid
  • AEM Wideband and Boost Gauge
  • AEM Water/Methanol Injection