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Forged and Billet Connecting Rods

Factory engine internals are not designed for maximum strength. Although they are durable at normal factory power levels, once forced induction, or a higher rpm is introduced, they easily become the weakest link in your high performance vehicle. The parts of an engine that is subject to the most stress are the connecting rods. These rods are the only parts that keep the pistons from flying up through the cylinder heads and out of the hood! By upgrading to forged or billet connecting rods, the engine internal strength is greatly improved. For the enthusiast on a budget, choose the Manley H-Beams which offer moderate power handling at a very affordable price. Those needing stronger rods should select from Carrillo Pro-H H-Beam, Cosworth, or Manley Turbo Tuff I-Beam rods. These are among the strongest and best made connecting rods available on the market today and have taken race teams to checkered flags around the world. When upgrading the connecting rods, it is also recommended to upgrade to forged or billet pistons.

Manufacturers available for Connecting Rods

Carrillo Pro-H, Pro-SA, and Pro-A Connecting Rods Cosworth H-Beam Connecting Rods Manley H-Beam and Turbo Tuff I-Beam Connecting Rods