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Exhaust System

Skunk2 Racing Exhaust components The factory exhaust system is a serious bottleneck for making power. Before upgrading engine internals, it is important to make certain that the exhaust system provides excellent flow and low restriction while maintaining the proper exhaust back pressure. Skunk2 Racing exhaust systems are developed to delivery maximum performance. Skunk2 Racing Megapower exhaust systems offer an exhaust system that flows significantly better than stock exhaust systems without being overtly loud. The Skunk2 Racing Megapower R provide even better flow for small turbocharged and modified normally-aspirated applications. Skunk2 Racing offers a race ready Megapower RR line of exhaust systems for applications needing maximum flow. Skunk2 Racing also offers test pipes and cat-deletes for cars that are used both on the street and track. Skunk2 Racing downpipes also flow better than stock. All exhaust systems are manufactured from mandrel-bent T304 Stainless steel providing durable, visually-pleasing exhaust products both in the engine bay and all along the underbody.

Exhaust Systems

Skunk2 Racing Megapower Exhaust Systems

Exhaust Headers

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Universal Mufflers

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Racing Downpipes

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Racing Test Pipes

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