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Manley Platinum Series Pistons for Mazda

Manley Platinum Series Pistons for Subaru Manley Platinum Series Pistons for Mazda have been specifically designed for performance and reliability for forced induction. Each piston design features 2618 forgings which offer exceptional strength and fatigue resistance at high temperatures. The design of these pistons make them reliable to 30 psi of boost. The moly coated skirts come standard and further enhance durability. These pistons also come with ring sets and tool steel wrist pins to complete a high performance package without the premium price.

Product Features:
  • Forged from 2618 alloy for maximum high temperature strength and fatigue resistance.
  • "Contour forgings" provide the optimum balance between strength and weight with no grain-interrupting internal milling.
  • Proprietary multi-step top ring groove machining process assures optimum control of the groove's size, geometry, flatness, and finish.
  • All final turning is performed in one fixturing resulting in complete squareness of rings to the cylinder wall.
  • Federal Form-Scan gauging validates ideal skirt indexing to pinhole and skirt-to-skirt polarity.
  • Value - added features such as a pressure balance groove included.
  • Precise pinhole machining results in an exact compression distance as well as precise lock ring groove spacing, size, and concentricity.

Applications available for Platinum Series Pistons for Mazda