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Exedy OEM Clutches

For over eight decades, Exedy has been a leader in supplying quality powertrain components. Known as Daiken Clutch Corporation prior to 1995, its clutch manufacturing capabilities are reknown throughout the world. Since 1968, Exedy has been manufacturing clutches in the United States. Today, all 11 Japanese car manufacturers as well as General Motors and Ford rely on Exedy Manual Clutches, Flywheels, Torque Converters, AT Plates or other advanced Powertrain Components. Their customers extend beyond that of the automobile industries and include many construction / machinery industries as well. Their advanced engineering and patented innovations have made Exedy the leading OEM manufacturer in the world for Clutches and other powertrain components. As the preeminent manufacturer of clutches, Exedy continues its pursuit of perfection and the assurance of high quality products underlined by Daikin Clutch's tradition of quality and reliability.

The full range of products available through Exedy Globalparts Corporation includes:

  • A full range of clutch kits to suit Japanese, US domestic and European applications.
  • Sports clutch kits with organic, cerametallic and carbon friction material in single, twin, and triple plate configurations featuring chromemoly flywheels.
  • Dynax branded OEM quality friction plates and steels.
  • Clutch forks
  • Clutch thrust release bearings
  • Clutch cables
  • Clutch master and slave cylinders
  • OEM standard replacement flywheels
  • Heavy duty class 7 & 8 clutch sets