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Engine Tuning

Skunk2 Racing Engine components Since 1995 Skunk2 Racing has been developing and innovating high performance engine components. Skunk2 Racing was the first US based sport compact performance company to offer CNC billet machined timing gears for Honda motors in 1995. They are also the first US based performance company to use chill cast billet camshafts on Honda engines in 1999. In 2000, Skunk2 Racing introduced the first high performance cast aluminum intake manifold for Honda engines. Today Skunk2 Racing continues its tradition of innovation by introducing a new line of engine components made from a proprietary aerospace thermo-polymer and also continuing development of camshafts utilizing their proprietary Amax and Fast Ramp technologies.

Adjustable Cam Gears

Skunk2 Racing Adjustable Cam Gears


Skunk2 Racing Camshafts

Forged Connecting Rods

Skunk2 Racing Alpha-Series and Ultra-Series Connecting Rods

Forged Valves

Skunk2 Racing Forged Valves

Composite Fuel Rails

Skunk2 Racing Composite Fuel Rails

Intake Manifolds

Skunk2 Racing Intake Manifolds

Thermal Gaskets and Plenum Spacers

Skunk2 Racing Plenum Spacers

Throttle Bodies

Skunk2 Racing Throttle Bodies

Valve Springs

Skunk2 Racing Valve Springs

Timing Chain Covers

Skunk2 Racing ming Chain Covers

Timing Chain Tensioners

Skunk2 Racing Timing Chain Tensioners

Titanium Retainers

Skunk2 Racing Titanium Retainers