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Carrillo Connecting Rods - The Choice Connection
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Carrillo offers a wide variety of connecting rods to suit every type of Peugeot application. Each connecting rod is manufactured from Carrilloloy, a proprietary blend of steels and alloys, which is similar to 4340. The Pro-H with Carrillo Multiphase (CARR) Rod Bolts H-Beam connecting rods are the strongest rods available anywhere and are nearly indestructible. These rods are for extreme horsepower application that are performing at extreme heat and rpms. The Pro-H with H11 (WMC) Rod Bolts are a heavy duty H-Beam connecting rods that are very strong and suitable for 200 horsepower per rod. These are suitable for most circle track and road race applications. If the application is less demanding, the Pro-SA with H11 (WMC) Rod Bolts are suitable for most applications with forced induction and are suitable for up to 125 horsepower per cylinder. For engines used in stock class racing, the Pro-A with H11 (WMC) Rod Bolts A-Beam connecting rods are the right choice. Pro-A connecting rods are able to reduce rotating assembly weight and maintain a rod strength similar to the factory rods.