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Air Filters

Cosworth Synthetic Air filters, Injen Ea Nanofiber air filters, Injen Hydroshield Pre-FiltersFactory air filters are restrictive in design. Replace factory air filter media with high flow and high efficiency units from Cosworth and Injen. Cosworth Performance Air Filters are constructed from a proprietary synthetic, non-woven single layer, pleated polyester filter media that requires no oiling. For an OEM-like fit, the filter housing is injection-molded from High Impact Polystyrene or Polypropylene. Each Cosworth synthetic air filter has been engineered to fit the vehicle's original air box providing a true cold air supply to the engine. Cosworth Performance Air Filters also provide increased air flow when compared to original equipment air filters. The Injen Ea nano-fiber filter media was originally designed for use on medium to heavy-duty diesel trucks and the military's Abrams M1 tanks and is 99.53% efficient. This filter is easily cleaned with a shop vac. Regardless if you need a standard factory replacement air filter or cone filter for your aftermarket intake system, we have a solution for you.

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