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Engine Management Systems

Engine Management Systems (EMS) allow for a thorough and optimal tune of your vehicle. These systems allow the tuner to optimize every facet of engine control. For most vehicles, there are universal engine management systems that can be utilized with sensors and controllers to properly manage your highly modified vehicle. When adding forced induction to factory normally-aspirated applications or full-blown race cars, the factory ECU systems generally do not allow enough control to maximize performance. Popular engine management systems include AEM, Cosworth EC Pro, HydraEMS, Motec, and Pectel. AEM Plug-n-Play, Cosworth EC Pro, Hydra Nemisis2 EMS and Motec 880 Plug-in systems offer direct replacement, race ready engine management systems to today's popular tuner vehicles. Popular applications from Acura, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, and Toyota are offered. These systems utilize the factory sensors while offering powerful engine management. Motec and Pectel offer universal systems that are suited for full-blown race cars such as those for open-wheel racing and prototype class cars. For those that only need to modify air/fuel ratios and timing, please see fuel / ignition controllers (F/IC).

Manufacturers available for Engine Management Systems

AEM Plug-n-Play EMS, Series-2 Plug-n-Play EMS, Universal EMS Cosworth EC Pro Engine Management Systems