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Engine Management Systems

Water / Methanol Injection Kit reduces air inlet temperatures and exhaust-gas temperatures, which allows you to increase boost pressure and advance timing without having to run higher-octane fuel. Most kits offer boost-dependent, variable-flow progressive controllers to determine the amount of water / methanol mixture (up to 50%) to feed into the inlet stream. Each kit has a controller that commands a progressive recirculation-style 150-PSI pump that delivers the mixture, and flow adjustments at the inlet are made by different sized jet nozzles designed to match engine power requirements to amount of flow. Critical safety features are also integrated into each system to virtually eliminate any chance of failure, including an integral fluid level sensor in the reservoir, a dash light to warn of low fluid level or error codes (including short circuits, battery voltage and more), and an additional output to either decrease ignition timing or boost if the system detects low fluid levels or a system error. The result is safe, significant horsepower gains using pump gas.

Manufacturers available for Water / Methanol Injection Systems

AEM Plug-n-Play EMS, Series-2 Plug-n-Play EMS, Universal EMS